We’re A, Ä and Å.

AAA0Three designers from different fields—graphic, product, and experience design—utilizes food as a design tool for creative inspirations to our everyday lives. Three different letters A, Ä and Å are mainly used in Nordic countries where we met and our exploration took place. When we first moved to Finland from South Korea, each member felt that ‘I am an island floating on the different culture’. Therefore the name of AÄÅ symbolizes each island of us. While we have lived in a country of 179,000 islands, we realized that all the islands are actually connected together under the sea. The initial idea brought us to the journey of islands discovery in Finland.

Our journey will be completed using a mixture of three main ingredients: the value of individual, the connection among people, and food as a materialized sharing tool. We deal with a great value of community and sharing within it, a wide scope of food design practices and storytelling in any forms of visual implementation.

If you have any creative or fun ideas, you know we are always interested in collaboration work with you!