Welcome to a tasty journey!

‘Every man is an island and
all the islands are actually connected beneath the water.’

Welcome to the tasty journey to a secret island of Leipäsaäåri – a bread island created by a design collective AÄÅ. Leipäsaäåri is a participatory design project where you get to visualize and bake your inner island. You can enjoy hopping from your island to others, by tasting bread-island made out of life essential elements – grain, water and air from where you belong.

It is an ongoing project in diverse scales and locations for people of various ages. Stay tuned for our upcoming events via Facebook. If you would like to join this journey through organising workshop, please contact us via <[email protected]> regarding schedule and workshop fee.




How it works

The workshop will encourage participants to create their own island by visual, physical and philosophical questionnaires to reveal their inner identity. Then the island will be transformed into a bedrock food – bread to physically connect them with their surroundings. Finally people will hop from island to island by sharing their Leipäsaäåri/bread island together.

▾▾▾Discovering your island▾▾▾

In the workshop, firstly, participants will take a journey to discover an imaginary island based on each individual’s inner personality. A questionnaire booklet supports in revealing one’s own island by guiding how to visualize philosophical rather personal thoughts of oneself. The participants get their unique bread-island recipes by completing the questionnaire. Each island then will be relocated in a new world map to observe how we live next to each other in the world of mind.

▾▾▾Shaping your tasteable island▾▾▾

Secondly, people will shape their tangible bread-island out of their drawings. All bread-islands are created from the same wild yeast made by AÄÅ, but every single bread-island is different.

More importantly, wild yeast can grow up wherever you start again. The natural fermentation is occurred by local microorganism(yeast+bacterial spores) from the air you are breathing. Therefore bread is alive before baking and it always contains your surrounding environment, physically forging a bond between you and your current place. sourdough represents how simply bread is made from the essential elements of life. It contains local air, water and flour that requires cooperative people’s efforts.

▾▾▾Traveling many more islands▾▾▾

Lastly, all people will enjoy hopping from theirs to other islands by sharing their bread-island together. All the different taste and shapes of islands will be created but meanwhile they will be connected in the same place.